Now Everyone can Achieve Financial Freedom


Do you always think that Financial Independence is only for the rich? This book reveals the truth about wealth creation… The complimentary Financial Calculator software is a great assistant to help you towards achieving your financial goals

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1.1 Money and I
1.4. The Perspective of a Good Steward
6.1.2. Second Level: Financial Security 
Now Everyone Can Achieve Financial Independence Contents
CHAPTER 1: The Road Towards Financial Independence
1.1. Money and I 
1.2. How Does Your Attitude toward Money
Affect You
1.3. You and Your Money: Who is in control?
1.4. The Perspective of a Good Steward 
1.5. The Value of Money Lies in Its UseCHAPTER 2: Why Money is Never Enough?
2.1. Even the King of Pop is Short of Money?

2.2. Why the Insufficiencyof Money?
2.3. How Much is Enough?
2.4. Where has All the Money Gone to?
2.5. Preserving Our YouthCHAPTER 3: You and Your Money
3.1. Reasons for Financial Failure
3.1.1. Failure to Understand the Trend
of the Market
3.1.2. Wrong Investment Strategy
3.1.3. Neglecting the Important of Time Factor
in Compounding
3.1.4. Failing to Consider Inflation
3.1.5. A Nonchalant Attitude
3.1.6. Deciding on a Whim
3.1.7. Delaying
3.1.8. Wrong Beliefs
3.2. The Truth about Financial Planning
3.2.1. The Basic Principles of Financial PlanningCHAPTER 4: The Steps in
4.1. Analysis and Assessment of Currect
Financial Situation
4.1.1. The BalanceSheet (You Net Worth)
4.1.2. Analysing Your Cash Flow
4.2. Setting Up Suitable Financial Objectives
and Goals
CHAPTER 5: Sourcing For Complementary
                 Instruments for Ypur Financial
5.1. Financial Instruents

5.1.1. Savings account
5.1.2.Fixed Deposits
5.1.3. Equity (Stocks)
5.1.4. Bonds
5.1.5. Unit Trusts (Mutual Funds)
5.1.6. Insurance
5.1.7. Properties
5.2. Comparing Various Financial Instruments
5.2.1. Returns on Investments
5.3. Risks and Special Features
5.4. Selecting Suitable Financial Instruments
5.4.1. Financial goals
5.4.2. Time Horizon
5.4.3. Your Risk ProfileCHAPTER 6: Setting and Implementing Your
                 Financial Plan
6.1. Overall Financial And Goals

6.1.1. First Level: Basic Expenses
6.1.2. Second Level: Financial Security 
6.1.3. Third Level: Liquidity
6.1.4. Fouth Level: Family Commitments
6.1.5. Fifth Level: Financial Independence
6.2. Implementing Your Financial Plan
6.2.1. Monitoring and Revising Plan
Now Everyone can Achieve Indepence Financial Calculator CD                           Directory       
  1. Simple Interest
2. Future Value—Compounding
3. Future Value—Inflation
4.Investment Calculation
5. Car Loan
6. Children Education Planning
7. Financial Independence Planning
8. Housing Loan – Monthly interest
9.Housing Loan – Daily interest 
10..Cash Flow–Outflow
11.Cash Flow – Inflow Net Worth Analysis
12.Income Protection Planning Click download Trial Version
Housing Loan – Daily interest 
Income Protection Planning


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